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My written works are published in a variety of genres that include: Crime Fiction, comedy, children's and poetry books. My writing style offers a variety of topics that entertain a large audience.

"I enjoy writing about the things I am acquainted with and have experienced first-hand. That knowledge spans nearly 40 years and those friends and colorful characters I have discovered in both in my personal, creative and professional life have loosely crossed into the fictional path of my writings. They grow and evolve into the characters I hope my readers will also come to love or despise in much the same way as I do."


"Creating without boundaries and never wishing to be contained by them, I attempt to place art in both private and public domain. I want my work to catch a fleeting moment and yet still continue to grow and develop, with an eye towards both the evergreen and the here and now. I strive for perfection and never the mediocre, in everything I create. My emphasis is to cross cultures and divides while communicating to all regardless of economic, religious or ethnic boundaries, bridging these gaps in society, starting a dialogue and hopefully bringing a greater understanding in more than just the art itself. I would rather hear the voices of strong opinion than none at all."
- Nicholas A. Price

Nicholas Price has been commissioned by, and has collaborated with, many prestigious entities over the span of his artistic career, including Fortune 500 Companies. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Boston Globe, L.A. Times, USA Today - Life, Unique Homes Magazine, National News, and KNPR- National Radio.

Commissions include major public art sculptures and several private collectors.

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